Yemado is a Boston based photographer working with film and digital capture to make straight, unmanipulated photographs that formalize, transform, and abstract our everyday vision of the world into compositions that simultaneously challenge and delight the viewer.

In an age of photoshop and ubiquitous manipulation, Yemado eschews these techniques, preferring to make photographs that utilize the interplay of light, movement, and stillness to create graphical images that often appear to be digitally enhanced compositions but which are actually straight photographs. Through these images he explores the translation of our three-dimensional, temporal world into the two-dimensional still image, joining and compressing the layers of our vision through the use of reflective surfaces and compositional juxtapositions. In these images we find fractions of a second that we would otherwise miss, still frames that capture the movement of the wind, reflections of light, the irregular regularities of nature and their contrast with both the natural and built environments.